This is a list of slides such as, e.g., tutorials, talks, and lectures, on multi-robot systems.
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Title Author(s) Slides Date
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MRS WELCOME KIT - ICRA 2024 MRS TC PDF icon icra24welcome.pdf 2024-05
Control Scheme for Distributed Computing in Robot Networks Destined to Humanitarian Demining Victor Sillerico-Justo PDF icon 2018_INTERCON_VHSillerico.pdf 2018-08
Three Chapters in the Springer Handbook of Robotics, Second Edition Various Authors 2016-08
Connectivity, Rigidity and Online Decentralized Maintenance Methods Antonio Franchi PDF icon DEMUR15_IROS15_AFranchi.pdf 2015-10
24/7 Multi-Robot Systems operating in real world Stefan B. Williams PDF icon 2015_RSS_MRS_Williams.pdf 2015-07
Control of the Physical Interaction in/with Multi‐Robot Systems Dongjun Lee PDF icon 2015_RSS_MRS_Lee.pdf 2015-07
Cooperative Decision Making for Multirobot Systems Geoffrey A. Hollinger PDF icon 2015_RSS_MRS_Hollinger.pdf 2015-07
Distributed Perception and Estimation in Mullti-Robot Systems Vadim Indelman PDF icon 2015_RSS_MRS_Indelman.pdf 2015-07
Motion Planning in Multi-Robot Systems Kostas E. Bekris PDF icon 2015_RSS_MRS_Bekris.pdf 2015-07
Multi-Robot Perception and Action: World Modeling and Task Allocation F. Riccio, M. T. Lázaro, G. Gemignani, D. Nardi PDF icon 2015_RSS_MRS_Nardi.pdf 2015-07
Optimal Control and Optimization Methods for Multi-Robot Systems Javier Alonso-Mora, Ketan Savla and Daniela Rus PDF icon 2015_RSS_MRS_Alonso-Mora.pdf 2015-07
Task Planning and Allocation in Multi-Robot Systems Dylan A. Shell PDF icon 2015_RSS_MRS_Shell.pdf 2015-07