Supported Events

2023-12-04 International Symposium on Multi-Robot & Multi-Agent Systems MRS 2023 Conference
2018-05-21 Robot Teammates Operating in Dynamic, Unstructured Environments (RT-DUNE) Workshop
2018-05-21 Workshop on Informative Path Planning and Adaptive Sampling Workshop
2017-12-04 The 1st International Symposium on Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems Conference
2017-07-16 RSS 2017 Workshop: Robot Communication in the Wild: Meeting the Challenges of Real-world Systems Workshop
2017-07-09 Rigidity Theory for Multi-agent Systems Meets Parallel Robots: Towards the Discovery of Common Models and Methods Workshop
2017-06-02 Human Multi-Robot Systems (MRS) Interaction Workshop
2016-06-19 Cooperative autonomous intelligent vehicles are advanced robotic systems of systems: current trends and challenges Workshop
2016-05-20 2016 ICRA Workshop on Fielded Multi-robot Systems Operating on Land, Sea, and Air Workshop
2015-10-02 On-line decision-making in multi-robot coordination Workshop
2015-09-28 Robotic co-workers: methods, challenges and industrial test cases Workshop
2015-09-28 Cooperative vehicles and robotic systems for industrial applications Workshop
2015-07-16 Principles of Multi-Robot Systems Workshop
2015-05-30 Persistent Autonomy for Aquatic Robotics: the Role of Control and Learning in Single and Multi-Robot Systems Workshop
2015-05-26 Taxonomies of Interconnected Systems: Asymmetric Interactions in Distributed Robotics Workshop