Human Multi-Robot Interaction

Sunday, 1 October, 2023
Detroit, USA
Hosting conference: 
Nils Wilde
Javier Alonso-Mora
Daniel Brown
Connor Mattson
Katia Sycara
With autonomous robots becoming increasingly capable we expect to see their deployment in a broader range of applications and at larger scale. Thus, there is a need for human-robot interaction (HRI) studies on how multi-robot systems can work with and around humans, how end-users can refine their behavior, and how to enable efficient coordination of robot fleets to accomplish complex tasks. In this workshop, we focus on fundamental challenges around the interaction of humans with multi-robot systems. From an HRI perspective, this prompts new challenges arising from the complexity and scalability issues specific to multi-robot problems. Conversely, the design of multi-robot systems needs to consider the usability by, and interaction with, different end-users such as system operators, human co-workers or people sharing the robots’ environment. Thus, we aim to bring together experts from both HRI and multi-robot systems to discuss pressing research questions such as “How can we develop intuitive HRI frameworks that scale to complex multi-robot systems?”, “What are open algorithmic challenges for human multi-robot interaction?”, “How can multi-agent systems benefit from human feedback and human-in-the-loop learning?”, “How can multi-robot systems convey their strategies to users?”, “What are effective representations for multi-robot plans and strategies?” We envision that this workshop will initiate active discussions between academic and industrial researchers, encourage new connections and collaborations, and ultimately help advance the efficient deployment of robot fleets by respective end-users.
Deadline for submission: 
Friday, 1 September, 2023