Call For paper 2023 IEEE IROS Special Session: Cooperative Robots

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to contribute to our invited session on Cooperative Robots in IROS 2023 (

Robotic and AI technology continues to make stunning progress over all components of function, expanding the application to industrial and commercial usage. At the same time, scalability increase enables robotic systems to handle more complex and challenging tasks. Task-oriented systems leveraging the diversity across a multi-robot fleet (e.g., air-ground vehicle teaming, diverse sensor suites, etc.) provide benefits in engineering design, cost, and capabilities. With this increased system complexity, proper strategies for incorporating redundancy, heterogeneity, and interface considerations become necessary for investigation.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Decentralized Control
Team Formations
Dynamic Stochastic Control
Data-Driven Control

Task Allocation
Event-based Planning

Exploration & Mapping
Rescuing Robotics
UAV Fleet and Swarms
Manned/Unmanned Teaming

Related issues
Robustness & Resilience
Sensor Fusion

Due to the nearing timeline (Jan 15, 2021) for proposal submission, a prompt response is greatly appreciated. If you plan to join our session for your paper, please provide a preliminary title and abstract for your submission (before Jan 8 preferred).

Contact: Tianqi Li (

Hope you will join our session! Best and happy new year!

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CFP 2023 IROS Special Session: Cooperative Robots
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Sunday, 8 January, 2023