The "Robotics and InteractionS" (RIS) team at LAAS-CNRS develops a research project on autonomous mobile machines that integrate perception, reasoning, learning, action and reaction capabilities. The challenge is on their capacity to act rationally in dynamic environments to achieve a large variety of tasks.

Our approach proceeds from the need to consider the robot as a whole regardless of frontiers between disciplines. The interactions induced by robots are varied, and constitute our main interests:
* the interactions that grounds any autonomous robot: the interactions with the environment
* the interactions between the various component of a robot, integrated within a control architecture that gathers functional and cognitive processes
* the interactions within teams of cooperating robots
* the interactions with humans, be they remote or physically present in the robot environement
* the interactions with existing information systems, and more generally in intelligent environments
* finally the interactions with other disciplines that can be studied using robotics methods, and in particular molecular interactions

RIS research activities are conducted along two complementary perspectives:
*A fundamental perspective where we develop models and algorithms for decisional problems. This concerns control architectures, task planning, learning, and geometric motion and manipulation planning for highly complex systems.
* A contextual perspective where we investigate three concrete subjects:
- Cooperative multi-robot systems
- The cognitive and interactive robot
- Molecular motion problems