Sonar multi-sensor applications and techniques

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Sonar multi-sensor applications and techniques
The underwater domain is one of the most challenging environments for naval and commercial operations. Much of the research and technological innovation of recent years has been focused on the design of autonomous systems capable of operating without the direct control of humans. Sophisticated autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) are now available for many applications and able to accomplish numerous tasks by using a wide range of sensor payloads. Acoustic sensors in particular are critical for underwater operations, and are frequently used for navigation, mapping, target detection, tracking and classi cation, and communications. Additionally, there is growing interest in the design, development, and deployment of such AUV systems in distributed networks, in which AUVs make autonomous decisions and operate collaboratively in order to accomplish their given tasks ef ciently.
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Jan 31 2017
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Dec 2017

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AUV systems in distributed networks
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Tuesday, 31 January, 2017